Crown Care

Flower crowns love to be worn slightly tilted above the hair line at about a 10 degree angle.

On the back of your head there is a little curve that we recommend securing to at the back of the crown. This will hold your crown in place.

Make sure your crown is not too tight nor too lose. It should feel comfortable. You should be able to move your head in all directions without worrying that it will fall off.

Remember that flowers love to be cool. When the weather is warm or hot, most flowers get sad and start to dry out.

Some simple things you can do to maintain the care of your crown, when it is not being worn, is to;

  • keep it in the fridge
  • spritzing it with water
  • making sure it is out of the sun light

Crowns can live up to 1-3 days. The following conditions can effect its life;

  • the type of flower – some flower are more delicate than others
  • weather exposure like wind, heat and sun light
  • general care​

Once your crown is ready to be retired you can either dry your crown or return her to Mother Earth by burying it.

The best way to dry your flower crown is to;

  • hang it on the wall
  • place it on a ledge
  • place anywhere where it will have minimum contact with other items in your home

It can take up to 1 week before your crown is completely dried out. Once your crown is dry do not hesitate to wear her again. Dried flower crowns are in style!

After you have decided its time to let your flower crown go, we recommend returning her back to Mother Earth.

Remove all the foliage easily by pulling them out of their taped area and bury them in the earth.

The remaining wire and ribbon can be repurposed and reutilized. Please discard all the tape.​


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